Officers and Board

AEESP is led by a ten member Board of Directors, composed of seven officers (President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Information Officer) and Board Directors. Work in the organization is executed by many standing committees.


Allison A. MacKay President Ohio State University 614-247-7652
Debora Frigi Rodrigues President Elect University of Houston 713-743-1495
Lee Blaney Vice President University of Maryland Baltimore County 410-455-8608
Mira S Olson Secretary Drexel University 215-895-2987
Treavor H. Boyer Treasurer Arizona State University 480-965-7447
Junko Munakata Marr CTO Colorado School of Mines 303-273-3421
Susan Masten CIO Michigan State University 517-899-4487
William A. Arnold Past President University of Minnesota 612-625-8582

Board of Directors

Donna E Fennell Rutgers University 848-932-5748
Claudia K. Gunsch Duke University 919-660-5208
Kara Nelson University of California Berkeley 510-643-5023