AEESP Funding Request Policy

*Funding request proposals for the first half of 2020 are now closed.*

The AEESP Board has established an annual budget of $5,000 to provide supplemental support for activities organized by AEESP members.  Beginning in 2020, AEESP will open requests for support of amounts up to $2,500 during two month-long windows, with the first deadline on April 1 and the second deadline on October 1.

Requests should be made via a 1-2 page letter that must contain the following information: (1) The amount of funding requested; (2) any co-funding received or sought and the source(s) of the potential co-funding; (3) a description of the activity for which the member is seeking funding and how the AEESP funds will be used; (4) an estimation of the number of AEESP members involved in the activity and how those AEESP members will be affected by the funding.

In evaluating whether AEESP will fund the activity, the following criteria are collectively considered: (1) the amount of funding requested; (2) the impact and/or reach of the activity to the AEESP community; (3) consideration of how the activity incorporates broader participation of groups underrepresented in the environmental engineering and sciences field; and (4) the availability of funds.

Evaluation of requests will occur during the first AEESP Board meeting following the request submission period.  It is possible that AEESP may partially fund sponsorship requests rather than the full amount in the proposal.  It is also possible that AEESP may decline funding requests that either do not meet the criteria as stated above or do not advance AEESP’s mission and outreach objectives.

After funds are spent, AEESP requests a short summary of the event for the next Newsletter and how the funds were used. AEESP may also request additional information, such as event participant lists.  Please contact the current AEESP Treasurer with questions or Executive Administrator Brian Schorr at AEESP's Business Office at