AEESP Award for Outstanding Publication

Dionysiou, Dionysios D. and Anipsitakis, George (2004)
“Radical generation by the interaction of transition metals with common oxidants”
Environmental Science & Technology
38(13): 3705-3712

This award is given annually to recognize the author(s) of a "landmark environmental engineering and science paper that has withstood the test of time and significantly influenced the practice of environmental engineering and science.

The article has deeply influenced the practices of our environmental engineering and science. It is recognized as the one that established a new field of SR-AOP (sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation processes) to expand the domain of the AOP (advanced oxidation processes) concept. Later, SR-AOP has promptly became one of the hottest research topics in environmental engineering and also has been practiced in industrial areas such as site remediation. Beyond that, this study initiated a new research avenue for destruction of various contaminants in polluted water, wastewater, soil, and sludge, as detailed in Prof. Ma’s letter. Many studies followed the approach to activate common oxidants (e.g. persulfate and peroxide) with other materials (e.g., biochar and activated carbon) and heterogeneous catalysts, particularly in nanoscale, even more recently in single atom catalysis.

Significance of this paper can be also readily evidenced from statistical data.  Since its publication, this paper has been cited by over 1800 times. Although it was published 17 years ago, this study has remained among the most influential and popular environmental engineering papers. According to Google Scholar data, the annual citation number has constantly increased from the initial 5 to 414 in 2020 and will most likely grow in the future to continue its impact on our current and new environmental professionals.

Dionysios D. Dionysiou and George Anipsitakis
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