The Frederick George Pohland Medal

This award, established in 2005, honors a member of AEESP and/or AAEES who has made sustained and outstanding efforts to bridge environmental engineering research, education, and practice.

Two very consistent themes appear throughout her nomination letters: she conducts exceptional research that binds tightly with the state of practice and her love of education and her interest in students shapes the field far beyond the academy. Her letter writers uniformly agree that Professor Nancy Love’s communication of science is “absolutely inspirational” and that her ability to “balance both impact (big picture goals) and attention to detail” unsurpassed.  Prof. Love has made fundamental contributions in the areas of “…the kinetics, biochemistry, and ecology associated with the biodegradation of xenobiotic organic contaminants (Prof. Rittman).” With more than 200 publications, Profs. Rittman and Dzombak note that her selection as the AEESP 2015-16 Distinguished Lecturer is strong recognition of her enduring leadership and fundamental contributions. In fact, Prof. Love received the largest number of requests for lectures among recipients to date.Throughout her academic career, Prof. Love has been an ardent interdisciplinary researcher, one who routinely works at the interface between disciplines. A major element of her interdisciplinary spirit and scholarly effort focuses on connecting engineering practice and academia, which is a particularly noteworthy and consistent theme throughout her career. She provides her students with field research opportunities that connects them to practice. She helps students create professional networks that reach equally into academia and professional practice.

Nancy G. Love
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