Committee Descriptions

The following is a list of AEESP Committees, Chairs, Committee members, and Board Liaisons.  Click here for a summary of each Committee's activities.  For a broad list of each Committee, click here.

2022 Conference Planning - Site Committee

Chair and Members: Dan Giammar (Washington University in St. Louis) -, Allison MacKay - Board Liaison (The Ohio State University)

Summary of Member Activities: The conference planning committee will be composed of members of the host institutions selected for the 2019 AEESP Research and Education Conference. The committee will work together to plan and host the conference in the summer of 2021.

Conference Site Selection Committee

Chair: Jeffrey Cunningham (University of South Florida) –

Current Members: Andrea Achilli (University of Arizona), Kimberly Jones (Howard University), Mohiuddin Khan (Washington State University and Los Alamos National Laboratory), Jaehong Kim (Yale University), Christian Lastoskie (University of Michigan), Greg LeFevre (University of Iowa), Jonathan (Josh) Sharp (Colorado School of Mines), Heather Shipley (University of Texas, San Antonio), Allison MacKay – Board Liaison (The Ohio State University)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Conference Site Selection Committee work together to develop and disseminate a request for proposals to host the AEESP Research and Education Conference that is held every two year. The committee then evaluates proposals received from potential host committees and makes a recommendation to the AEESP Board of Directors.

Awards Committee

Chair: Kevin Finneran (Clemson University) –

Board Liaison: Rob Nerenberg (University of Notre Dame)

Ph.D. Dissertation Subcommittee Chair: Wen Zhang (New Jersey Institute of Technology) -

Masters Thesis Subcommittee Chair: Brooke Mayer (Marquette University) -

AEESP/AAEES Joint Awards Subcommittee Chair: Karl Rockne (University of Illinois at Chicago) -

Current Members: Natalie Capiro (Auburn University); Roland Cusick (University of Illinois); Sarina Ergas (University of South Florida); Guangbin Li (University of Maryland); Wen-Tso Liu (University of Illinois); Trina McMahon (University of Wisconsin); William Mitch (Stanford University); Paula Mouser (University of New Hampshire); Prathap Parameswaran (Kansas State University); Navid Saleh; R. Scott Summers (University of Colorado Boulder); Wenging Xu; Quing Zhang

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Awards Committee manage and coordinate the AEESP and joint AEESP/AAEES awards process. Members are needed each year to evaluate award nominations, a process that takes place in the spring or early summer of each year.  Separate MS and PhD Award subcommittees also work to evaluate MS thesis and PhD dissertation award nominations. Awards are given out at the biennial AEESP conference, or at WEFTEC on alternate years.

Education Committee

Chair: Daniel Oerther (Missouri University of Science and Technology) –

Current Members: Angela R Bielefeldt (University Of Colorado Boulder), Lee Blaney (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Steven Chapra (Tufts University), Pablo Cornejo-Warner (California State University, Chico), Jeseth Delgado Vela (Howard University), Mohiuddin Md. Taimur Khan (Washington State University), Susan Masten (Michigan State University), Jeff Starke (U.S. Military Academy West Point), Rouzbeh Tehrani (Temple University), David Vaccari (Stevens Institute of Technology), Judy Zhang (Case Western Reserve University), Wendy Ann Wert (Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles County), Treavor Boyer – Board Liaison (Arizona State University)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of this committee focus on a range of activities to promote innovation within environmental engineering education. This includes examining problem-based learning modules and reviewing textbooks in the field of environmental engineering and science. The committee has also coordinated the sharing of classroom and laboratory activities among members of the association. In past year, the committee has administered surveys the membership with respect to textbooks in water and wastewater treatment, and introductory environmental engineering.

Environmental Engineering Program Leaders Committee

Co-Chairs: Andrew Jackson (Texas Tech University) – and John Sutherland (Purdue University) -

Current Members: Mark Barnett (Auburn University), Tom DiStefano (Bucknell University), Donna Fennell (Rutgers University), Barbara Minsker (Southern Methodist University), Rachel Wagner (Saint Francis University), Debora Frigi Rodrigues - Board Liaison (University of Houston)

Summary of Member Activities: The Environmental Engineering Program Leaders Committee (EEPLC) was created to provide a platform for connections between the leaders of departments and programs with a focus on environmental engineering. As the field of environmental engineering has continued to evolve and expand, there is a need for environmental engineering program leaders to have resources for strengthening and growing their programs through networking with other program leaders and interacting as a common body with relevant professional societies and organizations (e.g., AAEES, ASCE, ABET, ASEE, ACS, AGU, ASM).

Fellows Committee

Chair: Amy Childress (University of Southern California) –

Current Members: Lisa Alvarez-Cohen (UC-Berkeley); Joel Burken (Missouri University of Science and Technology); Dionysios Dionysiou (University of Cincinnati); Kimberly Jones (Howard University); Mark Rood (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); Jim Mihelcic (University of South Florida); Susan Powers (Clarkson University), Debra Reinhart (Univ Central Florida); Michael Stenstrom (UCLA); Mark Wiesner (Duke University); Bill Arnold – Board Liaison (University of Minnesota)

Summary of Member Activities: This committee evaluates nominations for AEESP fellows on an annual basis. AEESP members that have demonstrated the highest levels of teaching, research and/or service in the environmental engineering or science professorate, may be nominated as Fellows. Eligibility for becoming a Fellow also includes 15 years of membership in good standing in AEESP. A Steering Committee initiates and oversees activities of the Fellows including facilitating the nomination and selection of new AEESP Fellows.  AEESP Fellows may provide service to the AEESP Board at the discretion of the Steering Committee

Government Affairs Committee

Chair: Greg Lowry and Kelvin Gregory (Carnegie Mellon) –,

Current Members: Li Baikun (University of Connecticut); Bryan Brooks (Baylor University); Allen Davis (Univ. of Maryland), Courtney Gardner (Washington State University); Heather Goetsch (University of Michigan); Caitlin Grady (Penn State University), Alexander Haluska (Universitat Tubingen); Craig Just (University of Iowa); Eugene Le Boeuf (Vanderbilt); Jade Mitchell (Michigan State University); Colleen Naughton (University of California, Merced); Christine Prouty (Univ. of South Florida), Jason Ren (Princeton University); Siddhartha Roy (Virginia Tech); Drew Story; Berrin Tansel (Florida International University); Yuefeng Xi (Penn State Harrisburg), Julie Zimmerman (Yale University); Mira Olson – Board Liaison (Drexel University)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Government Affairs Committee work closely with the Board of Directors on matters where AEESP needs a voice in governmental agencies.  Specific activities include 1) developing AEESP policies that will promote the field and provide opportunities for its membership, and 2) initiating and overseeing reviews of relevant public policy statements and provide public comment as deemed necessary, and 3) coordinating AEESP’s government affairs activities with those of other related associations, e.g. American Chemical Society, American Society of Civil Engineers, Water Environment Federation, Environmental Protection Network. 4) Nominating AEESP members for key positions in government agencies and membership on advisory committees, and 5) communicating AEESP priorities to legislators.

Internet Resources Committee

Chair: Nirupam Aich (University of Buffalo) –

Current Members: Sanjay Mohanty (UCLA), past chair, Webmaster: Courtney Gardner (Washington State University); Listserv Manager: Lauren Redfern (Florida Gulf Coast University); Social Media Manager, Osman Karatum (Florida Gulf Coast University); Junko Munakata Marr – Board Liaison (Colorado School of Mines)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Internet Resources Committee engage in a number of activities aimed at managing AEESP’s internet presence. Three major activities include maintaining news postings on the AEESP website, send appropriate email announcement through the AEESP listserv, and managing social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). The committee also works closely with the AEESP Board and business office to address emerging issues related to the internet presence of AEESP. 

To submit items to the AEESP membership listserv, send your item in an email to the Attachments may be included, but these have a higher likelihood of being stopped by member email filters.

The listserv is monitored by the Internet Resources Committee to avoid spam, and postings may take several days to appear. If you receive an error message when you send your email, please ignore it. Messages are going through. If your item does not appear within a week, feel free to contact the Webmaster.

Lecturers Committee

Chair: Mary Jo Kirisits (University of Texas at Austin) –

Current Members: Treaver Boyer (Arizona State), Caitlyn Butler (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Drew Gentner (Yale), Ramesh Goel (Univeristy of Utah), Robert Griffin (Rice University), Xingmao Ma (Texas A&M), Wayne Parker (University of Waterloo), David Ramirez (Texas A&M), Amy Stuart (University of South Florida), Susan Masten – Board Liaison (Michigan State University)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Lecturers committee work to annually select the AEESP Distinguished Lecturer and the Distinguished Lecturer host institutions, and to assist in logistical arrangements for this lecture series.  In addition, this committee is involved in the selection of the AEESP lecturers for a number of other AEESP-sponsored events, including the AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition (ACE); AWWA WQTC, A&WMA Meet and Greet Breakfast, WEFTEC Scientists Luncheon and Research Symposium, and the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) Lecture

Membership and Demographics Committee

Chair: Nicole Fahrenfeld (Rutgers University) –

Current Members: Bella Chu (Texas A&M), Alexandria Boehm (Stanford), Cyndee Gruden (University of Toledo), Lee Clapp (Texas A&M, Kingsville), Michael Penn (University of Wisconsin Platteville), Shannon Bartelt-Hunt (University of Nebraska Lincoln), Krista Wigginton (University of Michigan), Nicole Fahrenfeld (Rutgers), Ezra Cates (Clemson), Lee Blaney (University of Maryland Baltimore County), Kimberly Jones (Howard University) Willie Harper‎ (Air Force Institute of Technology), Joel Ducoste (North Carolina State), Ramani Kandiah (Central State University), Lee Blaney - Board Liaison (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Membership and Demographics Committee work together on a range of activities that seek to enhance student and faculty diversity within the environmental engineering and science community. Specific activities include identifying the methods by which groups within NSF, the EWC and the Census Bureau obtain data on populations in environmental engineering, identifying types of demographic data for environmental engineering and science programs that would provide useful benchmarks for the AEESP membership, and periodically updating and analyzing trends in demographics among environmental engineering and science professionals, university programs in these areas and within the AEESP itself.

Newsletter Editor

Editor: Kyle Doudrick (University of Notre Dame) –

Board Liaison: Willie Harper (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Summary of Activities: The Newsletter Editor is responsible for preparing the three AEESP Newsletters three times year (January, May, and November). The Editor solicits contributions from AEESP members and the Board members

Nominating Committee

Chair: Joel Ducoste (North Carolina State University) –

Board Liaison: Rob Nerenberg (University of Notre Dame)

Summary of Member Activities: This committee, composed of the three most recent past presidents of AEESP, is charged with the task of nominating candidates to stand for election to the Board of Directors. The Bylaws require that the committee nominate at least six candidates for consideration each year

Publications Committee

Chair: Mark Krzmarzick (Oklahoma State Univ.) –

Current Members: Baolin Deng (Univ. of Missouri), Jonathon Brent (Univ. Wyoming), Derek Brown (Lehigh Univ), Ramana Gadhamshetty (South Dakota School of Mines), Harmonie Hawley (Univ Texas-Tyler), Mohinnudin Khan, Mark Krzmarzick (Oklahoma State Univ.), Catherine Peters – Ex officio Member; Willie Harper - Board Liaison (Air Force Institute of Technology)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Publications Committee identify and coordinate opportunities for publication of AEESP-themed publications. They also serve coordinate association interactions with Environmental Engineering Science, the association’s official journal, developing ideas for special themed issues. The Publications Committee also currently writes highlights of articles published in the AEESP journal, Environmental Engineering Science.  The Publications Committee is also responsible for the selection of the AEESP/Mary Ann Liebert Award for Publication Excellence in Environmental Engineering Science

Strategic Planning Committee

Chair: ad hoc when needed

Members: ad hoc when needed

Summary of Member Activities: This committee, organized on an ad hoc basis by the Board of Directors, performs a strategic planning exercise for the Association, to set the priorities and agenda for the Association in the future.

Student Services Committee

Chair: Fabrizio Sabba –

Current Members: Nirupam Aich, Vice Chair (SUNY Buffalo), Sanjay Tewari, Committee Secretary (Missouri University of Science & Technology), Lucia Rodriguez-Freire (New Jersey Institute of Technology), Mark Weir (The Ohio State University), Philip Larese-Casanova (Northwestern University), Ellison Carter, (Colorado State University), Ramesh Goel (University of Utah), Lauren Stadler (Rice University), Manish Kumar (Penn State University), Ilke Celik (UW-Platteville), Sudeep Popat (Clemson University), Marie-Odile Fortier (UC-Merced), Jennifer Benning (South Dakota School of Mines & Technology), Lee Blaney - Board Liaison (University of Maryland Baltimore County)

Summary of Member Activities: Members of the Student Services Committee coordinate several activities aimed at providing current and prospective students and postdoctoral scholars with information and resources regarding professional development and post-graduation employment.  To this end, the Committee organizes job application review workshops at AEESP conferences, virtual job application review opportunities, and maintains a wiki website on career development.  The Committee also investigates ways to improve communication and community among graduate students and postdoctoral scholars

Sustaining Member Engagement Committee

Chair: Karl Linden (University of Colorado Boulder) -; Glenn Daigger (University of Michigan); Paige Novak (University of Minnesota)

Board Liaison: Bill Arnold (University of Minnesota); Mira Olson (Drexel University)

Summary of Member Activities: The Sustaining Member Engagement Committee connects regularly with the AEESP sustaining members via email and phone to facilitate involvement in AEESP activities, such as involvement in the AEESP Conference, development of webinars, and access to current students for professional opportunities