Environmental Engineering (Multiple Positions)

Friday, December 9, 2016
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Job Rank: 
PhD Student
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Vanderbilt University
Job Description: 

The Environmental Engineering program under the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Vanderbilt University invites applications to its doctoral program for Fall 2017 admission, with focus on the following research topic areas (shown below). The lead investigators and the preferred technical background for each area are also listed. 

Prof. David Kosson:       (1). Leaching Assessment and Environmental Durability of Materials, includes test methods development and reactive transport simulation of leaching and materials aging processes.  (2). Water and Energy Use Sustainability and Resilience, includes developing simulations at the residence and community scales.  Both of the above require a strong background in either environmental engineering or chemical engineering, and an interest in experiments, computer simulations and uncertainty assessment.

Prof. Florence Sanchez:      Environmental material performance–3D printing of sustainable and resilient infrastructure materials. Dr. Sanchez’s research is currently focused on the chemo-mechanical-environmental material characterization and multiscale material performance at interfaces with the natural environment.  A background in chemical and/or materials engineering is preferred. (Enrollment earlier than fall 2017 is also possible)

Prof. Hiba Baroud:     Risk and resilience of infrastructure systems -The student is expected to work on statistical learning tools for the modeling of risk and resilience of critical infrastructures under future climate uncertainty. A background in statistics and network analysis is preferred.

Prof. Shihong Lin:     Environmental interfacial processes, membrane processes, environmental functional materials, and system-scale analysis of integrated systems for water and energy applications. A successful candidate should have a strong technical background in physical science and engineering, preferably with training in one of the following areas: environmental engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering and materials science.

The CEE department at Vanderbilt is a vibrant scholar community with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research that makes real world impact. All PhD students will receive financial aid that includes graduate tuition, competitive stipend and health benefits. For specific questions regarding the technical aspects of the each position, please contact the corresponding PI (email address format: firstname.lastname@vanderbilt.edu). For general questions regarding application and admission, please contact Shihong Lin at shihong.lin@vanderbilt.edu.