KENTECH Seeks Global Leaders in Energy Technology

Monday, November 22, 2021
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Tenure track Faculty
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Korea Institute of Energy Technology
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Korea Institute of Energy Technology (KENTECH) is seeking world-class, innovative, and collaborative scholars to fill tenured and tenure-track faculty positions in KENTECH’s five energy tracks to cope with global energy challenges associated with climate change; Energy Artificial Intelligence, Energy Materials and Devices, Grid Modernization, Hydrogen Energy, and Environmental and Climate Technology. Successful applicants are expected to develop and lead internationally recognized energy-related research programs with a strong commitment to the field-initiated, problem-solving undergraduate and graduate education and supervision. Exceptional applicants will be considered at the rank of a distinguished or full professor. Applicants should possess a PhD or equivalent career in a related area, and be capable of giving lectures in English. Competitive salaries and seed funding will be provided for newly-hired faculty members.


Founded in 2021 under the KENTECH Act approved by National Assembly, KENTECH receives ongoing support from the Korean government, Jeollanam-do Province, Naju City and the Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO), a utility company listed in NYSE and ranked #192 in Global Fortune 500 with 54.4B$ revenue in 2019. KENTECH aspires to become a hub and open innovation platform for global energy research and start-ups by promoting international collaboration in research and education. Toward this end, it strives to become a small yet strong university with 1,300 students (400 undergraduate and 600 graduate students, with an additional 300 students from abroad) and 100 professors, focusing on energy research and education, technology ecosystem buildup including technology transfer and start-ups, etc. KENTECH plans to attract large-scale national research facilities and to create a 400,000 m2 industry-academic cluster to foster the close collaboration among domestic and international research institutions and industries. KENTECH is promoting flagship research projects in five specialized fields and is establishing joint research institutes with leading global universities and research institutes.

For further information about 5 tracks of KENTECH, please visit the following webpages.

Energy Artificial Intelligence

Energy Materials and Devices

Grid Modernization

Hydrogen Energy

Environmental and Climate Technology

If you have any further questions about recruitment, please contact:

Mr. H. Shin (Faculty Recruitment Manager), (+82613309642)

or email directly to the director of each research track.