AEESP Releases Strategic Plan: Directions and Priorities

Monday, July 19, 2021

Dear AEESP Members,

On behalf of the Board of Directors (BOD), we present the summary of AEESP Strategic Direction and Plan Priorities.  This document, developed through a process with substantial membership involvement, will set the priorities of the organization, its Board and Committees, for the next three to five years.  An emergent outcome of this strategic planning exercise was the framing of new vision and mission statements for AEESP.  It was clear that the greatest value of this organization is the extent to which AEESP supports members in their professional development in the multi-disciplinary field of environmental engineering and science.  These are strengths that the new AEESP Strategic Direction and Plan builds upon by progressing towards some aspirational goals.

We thank the dedicated group of 49 AEESP members who served as the planning group to brainstorm the ideas presented in this summary document.  The strategic planning process began last year in November 2020 by recruiting members to serve on the steering committee with the purpose to lay out the objectives, high level goals and initial questions to pose the larger planning group.  The planning group participated in a ½ day virtual planning meeting to share and document ideas of how AEESP could better serve its membership.  These ideas were refined to the priorities for the next 3-5 years.  This is an amazing outcome to emerge from this very challenging 2020-2021 academic year.

We hope that the AEESP Strategic Direction and Plan Priorities resonate with you, our membership, because they were created by a representative subgroup of our organization.  Our strategic planning participants came from all over the USA and Canada and from universities that were public land grant, private, research intensive, or undergraduate predominant institutions. The planning group was composed of diverse group of faculty ranks from Assistant to Full Professors.  Many of the participants held administrative positions at their home institutions and had AEESP membership ranging from 1 to 10+ years.

Special thanks goes to Dr. Marc Hoit, from NC State, who served as our facilitator and the initial drafter of the strategic planning document. Now, the next level of hard work will begin to develop action items and tactics to help fulfill these goals. We hope that you, our members, will be involved in this next level of interactions that will guide and improve AEESP delivery of services to our members and stakeholders.

Thank you and continue to be safe and well.