Interpore conference

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Massimo Rolle (Technical University of Denmark), Valentina Prigiobbe (Stevens Institute of Technology), and Marc Hesse (UT Austin) are organizing a minisymposium at the next InterPore Conference, May 14-17, 2018 in New Orleans, USA ( and they would like to invite you to contribute.

The minisymposium in on "MS 1.11 Conservative and Reactive Transport of Charged Species in Permeable and Impermeable Porous Media" (see description below and in the attached flyer for further details).

The abstract submission will open in the next days at the conference website ( and the deadline for the abstract submission is on November 22, 2017.

Please forward this information to any of your colleagues that might interested in the minisymposition.


Minisymposium: Conservative and Reactive Transport of Charged Species in Permeable and Impermeable Porous Media

The understanding of fluid flow, transport processes and reactions is crucial to describe the movement of solutes and particles in porous media. For charged species an important role is played by electrostatic interactions that can occur both within the pore water, as well as between the transported species and the surface of the solid matrix. Although a number of contributions have addressed charged effects in porous media, many aspects remain to be explored. These include the coupling with fluid flow, with other transport processes, with chemical reactions, as well as the effects of heterogeneity and different geochemical conditions.

This session focuses on the recent developments in the investigation of transport of charged species in porous media. We invite submissions based on theoretical, experimental and modeling approaches aiming at elucidating transport and electrostatic interactions both in permeable and impermeable porous media. We welcome contributions from various fields of geosciences and engineering in which the study of the fundamentals of charged species transport is performed at different scales and is motivated by applications in groundwater contamination, long-term waste disposal and confinement, remediation of subsurface environments, and water treatment.