Interpore conference

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Valentina Prigiobbe (Stevens Institute of Technology), Martin FernØ (University of Bergen), and Anthony Kovscek (Stanford University) are organizing a minisymposium at the next InterPore Conference in New Orleans, 14-17 May, 2018 ( and they would like to invite you to contribute.
The title of the minisymposium is “MS 4.1 Fundamentals and applications of foam in permeable media” and a short description of the minisymposium is given below. The abstract submission deadline is 22 November, 2017.
Please forward this notice to any of your colleagues that might be interested in contributing to this minisymposium.
MS 4.1  Fundamentals and applications of foam in permeable media
In the recent years, the study of foam stability and transport in permeable media has gained renewed attention from the scientific community across various fields of engineering and sciences. In particular, the recent synergy in the use of surfactants, polymers and/or particulates (colloids and nanoparticles) has opened new application frontiers in shale gas resources and contaminated site remediation. Smart combinations of foam agents has improved foam stability and increased apparent foam viscosity at high internal gas phase volumetric fraction.
Significant progress has been made in previous decades to understand the fundamental processes of foam generation and destruction, as well as the mathematical description of foam transport in porous media. However, underlying physical mechanisms of foam transport through permeable media at the relevant conditions for the new and emerging applications are not yet well understood.
This session focuses on the recent developments in the study of transport of foam in permeable media and welcomes experimental and theoretical contributions from the engineering and sciences that improve our understanding of the complex behavior of foam at different scales, i.e., from microfluidics to field applications.