Officers and Board

AEESP is led by a ten member Board of Directors, composed of seven officers (President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Information Officer) and Board Directors. Work in the organization is executed by many standing committees.


Linda K. Weavers President The Ohio State University 614-292-4061
Maya Trotz President Elect University of South Florida 813-974-3172 or 510-593-3647
Karl G. Linden Vice President University of Colorado Boulder 303-492-4798
Gregory V. Lowry Secretary Carnegie Mellon University 412-268-2948
Timothy J. Strathmann Treasurer Colorado School of Mines 303-384-2226
Lutgarde Raskin CTO University of Michigan 734-647-6920
Paige J. Novak CIO University of Minnesota 612-626-9846
Peter J. Vikesland Past President Virginia Tech 540-231-3568

Board of Directors

Joel J. Ducoste North Carolina State University 919-859-9101
April Z. Gu Cornell University 607-255-8778
Shaily Mahendra University of California Los Angeles 310-794-9850