AEESP 2019 Research and Education Conference at ASU

In collaboration with the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University

May 14-16, 2019

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All speakers and poster presenters are required to register for the conference.

The deadline for regular registration was May 1, 2019. No onsite registration will be available.

  • AEESP member $567
  • Non-member $677
  • Students and post-docs $380
  • Guest $150

Registration includes attendance to Tuesday workshops, Wednesday and Thursday sessions, and all meals and social events. Note: 10% of registration fee will be returned to AEESP to support its mission.

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Welcome to Environmental Engineers & Scientists see Cities in 4-Dat the 2019 AEESP Research and Education Conference at Arizona State University (ASU) in Tempe, AZ. The conference theme “Environmental Engineers & Scientists see Cities in 4-D” focuses on cities (e.g., urbanization impacts in developed and developing countries, dichotomies in services between urban and rural communities) and emphasizes the dimensions of the built environment, the natural environment, human health, and cyberspace. For instance, the major focus of environmental engineering and science has been on the dimensions and interactions of the natural environment and the built environment. The dimensions of the natural environment and built environment will continue to be important; however, they must be balanced and integrated with new dimensions of increasing interest and importance, specifically human health and cyberspace. This is illustrated by active research on the interactions of the natural and built environments on the human microbiome, building microbiomes, and other “biomes,” and rapid advances in electronics and computer science that allow for distributed sensor networks for real-time contaminant monitoring and Big Data analytics. “Environmental Engineers & Scientists see Cities in 4-D” also provides a coherent theme for integrating research and education. In addition to the research topics that fall under the theme, environmental engineering and science programs need a venue to share advances in education research and curriculum development, such as environmental engineering programs offering minors or certificates in sustainability, data science, and other complementary and emerging fields.