AEESP Fellows

*The nomination period for 2021 AEESP Fellows is now closed.

Eligible nominees must have a minimum of 10 years of faculty-level membership in AEESP. It is expected that nominees will have achieved full promotion or emeritus status at their respective home institutions.

AEESP Fellows will be selected based on their accomplishments in environmental engineering and science research, teaching and professional service, with emphasis on service within the AEESP. Selection will be for life or the duration of membership within the AEESP.

Self nominations will not be accepted. Nomination packages must include (i) a letter of nomination and a one-paragraph citation from the nominator who must be an AEESP member, (ii) a full curriculum vitae and one-page statement from the nominee, and (iii) three supporting letters (each a maximum of one page). Support letters must all be from individuals affiliated with institutions different from the applicant's institution. Application materials should be submitted electronically through the AEESP website. Application materials will be maintained and reevaluated for three consecutive years.

A committee comprising current AEESP Fellows will manage the review process and recommend new Fellows for a vote.  Names and citations for nominees with greater than 67% approval by the Fellows will be submitted to the AEESP Board of Directors for final approval. Although there will be no absolute limit on the number of AEESP Fellows, as a guideline, it is anticipated that the number of Fellows will not exceed five percent of the AEESP faculty membership and that no more than five Fellows will be added in a single year.

*Note: Please take a moment to read AEESP's Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure nominators and/or nominees do not pose a conflict of interest prior to submitting nominations.

Morton Barlaz
Chair, Fellows Steering Committee
Professor, Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering
North Carolina State University
P.O. Box 7908
Raleigh, NC 27695
e-mail:; Tel: 919-515-7676

2020 AEESP Fellows Institution
Lynn E. Katz University of Texas at Austin
Benito J. Mariñas University of Illinois at Champaign Urbana
Daniel B. Oerther Missouri University of Science & Technology
Michael K. Stenstrom UCLA
John E. Tobiason University of Massachusetts, Amherst


2019 AEESP Fellows Institution
Domenico Grasso University of Michigan-Dearborn
Paige Novak University of Minnesota
Kurt Pennell Brown University
Stephen Randtke University of Kansas
Gerald Speitel, Jr. University of Texas at Austin
Jeanne VanBriesen Carnegie Mellon University


2018 AEESP Fellows Institution
Michael Aitken University of North Carolina
Lisa Alvarez-Cohen University of California-Berkeley
Amy Childress University of Southern California
Dion Dionysiou University of Cincinnati


2017 AEESP Fellows Institution
Morton Barlaz North Carolina State University
Pratim Biswas Washington University in St. Louis
Sarina Ergas University of South Florida
Joseph Hughes Drexel University
Bruce Rittmann Arizona State University
Sharon Walker University of California, Riverside


2016 AEESP Fellows Institution
Joel Burken Missouri University of Science & Technology
Jim Mihelcic University of South Florida
Catherine Peters Princeton University
Mark Rood University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign






2015 AEESP Fellows Institution
Pedro Alvarez Rice University
Cliff Davidson Syracuse University
Nancy Love University of Michigan
Debra Reinhart University of Central Florida
Mark Wiesner Duke University





2014 AEESP Fellows Institution
Paul Bishop University of Rhode Island
Bill Cooper National Science Foundation
Menachem Elimelech Yale University
Gene Parkin University of Iowa



2013 AEESP Fellows Institution
Steven Chapra Tufts University
David Dzombak Carnegie Mellon University
Charles Haas Drexel University
Bruce Logan Penn State University
Susan Powers Clarkson University