Charles R. O'Melia Distinguished Educator Award

For Sustained and Outstanding Teaching and Research Contributions and Inspirational Mentoring.

Professor Stenstrom’s research contributions to environmental engineering knowledge are in the following four areas: 1) Aeration and gas transfer; 2) Biological processes for wastewater treatment; 3) Stormwater runoff; and 4) Water reclamation.. Although he has researched on a variety of topics on biological treatment such as nitrification and treatment of explosives at UCLA, the work that made him known the most was the use of an enricher reactor for treating hazardous compounds in wastewater. He was awarded the 1992 Water Environment Federation’s Eddy Medal because of this work. In 2020, he received the Water Environment Federation’s Eddy Medal again for his research on fate of antibiotic resistance genes and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in water resource recovery facilities. His stormwater research centers around urban runoff covering a broad range of topics such as toxicity, pollutant characterization and quantification, best management practices, and land use.  He had been actively involved in water reclamation research from 1982 to 2000.  The total number of referred publications authored/co-authored by Prof. Stenstrom is 2014.  Frequent invitations to teach short courses and to co-advise graduate students in other countries such as Austria, Germany, South Korea, and Thailand, are proof that his superb teaching and advising abilities are known internationally. His graduate student training has contributed to human resources and workforce developments in the field of environmental engineering.

Michael K. Stenstrom
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