Committee Guidance and Application

Committee Purpose:

Each committee should have a brief description of the committee purpose. A list of annual activities and/or deliverables should be included. Interactions with other committees and/or organizations should also be noted.

Committee Membership:

Number of Members

Each committee should define the number of members based on activities conducted. The membership should be defined so that each member can actively contribute to the purpose without undue burden.

Appointment Terms

Appointment to committees should be for three-year terms, with the potential for appointment for up to two terms (six years total). Term lengths ensure both consistency in committee activities from year to year, while also allowing for changes in membership and participation by new/different members. Rotations are staggered so that one-third of members rotate off each year (note: this can include members who do not rotate off, but rotate into their second term).

Chair and Vice Chair

Each committee elects a chair and a vice chair. The chair position is a three-year term, and ideally should be a member who has already served 2 – 4 years on the committee (if 4 years, the chair’s term can be extended by 1 year to accommodate a 3 year chair position). The chair is responsible for oversight of all committee activities.

The vice chair is elected annually and is a 1 year position. The vice chair assists with committee responsibilities when needed, and may also be preparing for the chair position. Because the vice chair is a 1 year position, not all vice chairs will become chairs; however, the vice chair during the last year of the chair’s term would be expected to be preparing for the chair position.

Term Dates

Terms begin and end on July 1 each year. The chair annually confirms the willingness of continuing committee members to serve, recruits new committee members as needed, and submits a proposed committee roster to the AEESP board liaison for approval.

Application Form:

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