Innovyze Excellence in Computational Hydraulics/Hydrology Award

Nominations for 2021 AEESP Awards are now closed.

*Note: Beginning with 2021 Awards, only AEESP members who are up-to-date with dues are eligible to nominate candidates for awards (letters of support from non-AEESP members are acceptable). To check your dues status, log into your account, then click on ‘Update Your Membership Profile’ under the ‘Member Resources’ banner on the right side of the page. Your term expiration will appear at the bottom of your profile page. Please take a moment to read AEESP's Conflict of Interest Policy to ensure nominators and/or nominees do not pose a conflict of interest prior to submitting nominations.

This award is given annually to recognize a student whose research contributes to the knowledge pool of in the area of Computational Hydraulics & Hydrology.  The award selection will be based on original, innovative research of publishable quality and other factors listed below.  Both Master's and Ph.D. students are eligible.

The award will consist of a plaque and a cash honorarium of $1,500 for the student and a plaque and cash honorarium of $500 for the major faculty advisor. A $500 travel allotment is provided to the student recipient to attend the American Academy of Environmental Engineers & Scientists (AAEES) Excellence in Environmental Engineering and Science Awards Luncheon. The award selection is administered jointly by a committee consisting of equal numbers of AAEES and AEESP members. The award is co-sponsored by Innovyze, the global leader in smart wet infrastructure modeling and management tools.

Eligible applicants will be judged based on the following criteria:

  1. academic program performance (35%),
  2. research accomplishment (35%),
  3. professional or community service (15%),
  4. purpose and goals (10%), and
  5. any other evidence provided (5%).

An applicant remains eligible up to one calendar year following graduation and receipt of the degree earned.

Complete nomination packages should include:

  1. Academic letter of recommendation from the faculty advisor of the applicant detailing the contributions of the research to the profession and also indicating that the applicant has completed all substantive requirements for the graduate degree sought, and has earned a minimum GPA of 3.3/4 in the current program,
  2. One additional academic letter of recommendation,
  3. Copy of a publication (or manuscript submitted for publication) derived from the subject research for which the applicant is the first author – 25 page limit,
  4. A professional resume of the student applicant, listing all professional affiliations, publications, honors, service, and relevant experience, and
  5. An applicant prepared statement of professional purpose in pursuing the graduate degree and goals for the first five years of professional practice – (limit 500 words).

*Eligibility: Both Master's and Ph.D. students are eligible.  An applicant remains eligible up to one calendar year following graduation and receipt of degree earned.

Questions may be directed to the chair of the AEESP Awards Committee:

Dr. Kevin T. Finneran
Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences
Clemson University
e-mail:; Tel: 864-656-4143

Past Recipients

Year Recipient
2020 Jonathan Bradshaw (Stanford University)
2018 Ahmed Abokifa (Washington University in Saint Louis)
2017 Qian Zhang (Johns Hopkins University)
2016 Jennifer Jefferson (Colorado School of Mines)
2015 Amy Dale (Carnegie Mellon University)