Environmental Engineering and Water Treatment

The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering at North Dakota State University is seeking motivated applicants for 1–2 Ph.D. positions, starting in Spring 2023 or Fall 2023. The student is anticipated to conduct research in the fields of (1) the formation and control of disinfection byproducts during water treatment, (2) photocatalytic treatment of trace organic contaminants, and (3) electrochemical oxidation or coagulation for wastewater reuse. The successful candidate will join the water chemistry lab under the supervision of Prof. Jiale Xu.


The Center for Resiliency at Lamar University is looking for engineering doctoral students to work on many upcoming projects and initiatives. Topics include but are not limited to:
The science of resilience, flooding impacts on transportation systems and other infrastructure, green stormwater infrastructure, environmental life cycle assessment, land subsidence, infrastructure sensoring, IoT, coastal processes and storm protection, nonpoint source pollution, historical storm data analysis, and flooding decision-making processes. For information, please email Dr. Thinesh Selvaratnam and Dr. Liv Haselbach at and, or call 409 880 7740.

Weathering of micriplastics and nanoplastics

The research assistant will study the weathering of microplastics/microfibers in aquatic environments, including degradation kinetics, products, and production of nanoplastics (supported by NSF-CHE). Motivated candidates with an academic background in aquatic biogeochemistry, environmental/chemical engineering, chemistry, and other science fields are encouraged to apply. Please e-mail your CV, transcripts, and scanned TOFEL/GRE scores to Dr. Laodong Guo (

Environmental engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Utah State University seeks 1-2 applicants for a graduate research assistant position in the areas of the environmental engineering and sustainable agriculture, starting fall 2022. The successful candidate will join the dynamic team at the Utah Water Research Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Yiming Su.

Nanobubbles and Water Treatment

Apul Research Group ( at University of Maine’s Environmental Engineering Department ( is seeking a Ph.D. student to start in September 2022. The student is anticipated to work on a research project funded by NASA about experimental investigation of nanobubble-enabled water treatment. The emphasis of the project is fundamental evaluation of nanobubbles for water treatment with an aspiration of using the technology in space exploration (e.g., International Space Station).


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