Air Pollution - Characterizing combustion emissions

I am looking for a PhD student to join our group, the Air Quality and Climate research laboratory at UGA. The dissertation project will focus on investigating the emissions and physicochemical properties of aerosols formed in wildland fires simulated in a laboratory. A collaboration with researchers at the U.S. Forest Service as well as multiple academic institutions, this project will provide the student with a highly interdisciplinary research experience and opportunities to build various skill sets in fundamental theory, laboratory experiments, and numerical modeling.

Doctoral student in Environmental Science

The Department of Biology at Hong Kong Baptist University is seeking applicants for Ph.D. students for January 2022 semester. Students may work on research topics relevant to environmental biotechnology, advanced wastewater treatment, and microbial fermentation.

Candidates must hold a relevant B.S. or M.S. degree (microbiology, biotechnology, chemical engineering, environmental science/engineering, bioinformatics, etc.). Experience with molecular biology techniques (e.g., qPCR, next-generation sequencing) and bioinformatic analysis is desirable but not required.

PhD Position - Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 - Environmental Chemistry

The Marron Lab in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Utah is seeking a PhD student in Environmental Engineering (starting Fall 2022 or Spring 2023). Enjoy the beauty of Salt Lake City and Utah while conducting cutting-edge research at the intersection of advanced wastewater treatment, analytical chemistry, and environmental health. The ideal candidate should have a BS in environmental engineering/science, chemistry, or a related field.

PhD Position in Environmental Science or Environmental Health

The Environmental Modeling and Human Exposure Assessment Laboratory (Director: Hyeong-Moo Shin) in the Department of Environmental Science at Baylor University is looking for MS and PhD students who will conduct research in the areas of environmental epidemiology and exposure assessment.

1. Research Areas

Exposure assessment, environmental epidemiology, high-throughput risk assessment, and fate and transport modeling, air pollution

2. Qualifications

PhD Position in Environmental Engineering

Dr. Stacey Louie is seeking graduate research assistants for Fall 2022 (preferred) or Spring 2023 for the PhD program in Environmental Engineering at the University of Houston. The PhD students will conduct research on NSF- and USDA-funded projects in the areas of environmental nanotechnology and fate and transport of environmental pollutants. Specific project topics include polymeric nanomaterials for agriculture and drug delivery applications and the fate and formation of metallic nanomaterials in the environment.


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