PhD student in energy conversion materials and systems

Tuesday, July 7, 2015
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PhD student
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Sangmyung University (Cheonan Campus)
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Job Description: The MEMS Lab aims to create R&D activities on environmentally-friendly and energy-related materials and processes for realizing energy-efficient and hydrogen technologies. Based on deep insight into electrochemical-oriented knowledge, the energy-related materials, i.e., polymeric membranes with ion-exchangeable groups (ionomers), ionomer-connected electrodes, membrane-electrode assemblies, etc., as well as the energy-related processes, i.e., fuel cell, electrodialysis, electrolysis, electrodeposition, etc., are being intensively developed and characterized in the MEMS Lab.To further our advanced research, we are looking for high-caliber graduate students around the world to join us in March 2016 (Application period: around October of 2015).

Research areas: 1) functionalized polymer synthesis (random copolymerization) (Cooperation with Technical University of Denmark); 2) polymeric electrolyte characterization by solid-state NMR and SAXS/WAXS (Cooperation with Korean Company); 3) membrane-electrode assembly for fuel cell systems (Cooperation with Korean Company); 4) electrode and fouling control in reverse electrodialysis systems (Cooperation with Cincinnati University); 6) functionalization of carbon nanomaterials Cooperation with The University of Trinidad and Tobago)

Benefits: 1. Full financial support for tuition, fees, and comprehensive medical insurance; 2. 1,500,000won (~1500 USD)/month for PhD student. (The normal living cost is around 600,000won (<600 USD) per month.)

Basic requirements: Major in Environmental, Chemical Engineering, Material Science or associated areas; be interested in researches of energy conversion; GPA 3.0 or above in BS; proficient enlgish communication in speaking and writing.

Those interested may browse the websites: for more details about the school, or about my laboratory,  background and research interests.


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