Chemical Instrumentation: Automation, Systems Control & Design (Full-Time Faculty & Academic Executive)

Job Type
Job Rank
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Job Institution
University of Memphis / Foundation Instruments, Inc.
Job Description

Location: Memphis, TN

Posting Number: FAE1477

Company: University of Memphis / Foundation Instruments, Inc.

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This position focuses on the research and development of chemical instrumentation / analyzers for practical, real-world applications. The role will be responsible for aiding in the design, testing, prototyping and deployment of novel field-ready chemical analyzers for water treatment applications and other industries. Responsible for performing research and development experiments for projects and products in collaboration with others.

The candidate will regularly exercise technical discretion in the design, execution and interpretation of experiments that contribute to project goals. Prepares technical reports, summaries, protocols, and quantitative analyses as necessary. May participate in external seminars and scientific conferences and will have the opportunity to mentor undergraduate and graduate students within the research team.

This post-doctoral position is a unique opportunity to work at the interface of academia and industry on projects addressing real world problems. The candidate will work in an interdisciplinary field at the forefront of analytical chemistry, instrumentation development, drinking water process control, and commercialization of new technologies in the research laboratory of Dr. Paul Simone and Dr. Gary L. Emmert. The search committee is especially interested in candidates who have a diverse background with hands on experience in one or more of the following technical disciplines: chemical instrumentation and method development, automation, mechanical and electrical design, 3D printing, programming, and/or hardware integration. The candidate will work closely with the Foundation Instruments, Inc. team to support commercial prototype development, field trials to evaluate commercial feasibility of new products, and other entrepreneurial endeavors. This position will provide the candidate tremendous growth opportunity, both technically and professionally.