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Postdoctoral Scholar in Engineered Water Systems
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering
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Description: The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering seeks a Postdoctoral Scholar in the broad field of Engineered Water Systems as part of the Environmental Engineering and Water Resources research initiatives. The Postdoctoral Scholar will collaborate with and be mentored by current faculty in the ABET-accredited Environmental Engineering program to (1) pursue independent research in areas of water complimentary to the department, (2) engage in workshops on scholarly writing, teaching, and learning, and research initiative development, participate in monthly cohort meetings, and (3) participate in department activities including governance and undergraduate education. We seek candidates who can enhance diversity in our undergraduate and graduate programs through research and teaching and can work in a team environment in one or more of the following emphasis areas:

Water Systems including research on PFAS and other legacy contaminants as well as contaminants of emerging concern, nutrient, and/or pathogen removal processes and/or design and development of treatment technologies or sensors for drinking water.

Water Pollution Mitigation Systems including research on the processes and advanced technologies/sensors for the treatment, reuse, or recovery of water, nutrients, or energy resources from waste/wastewater.

Water Resources Engineering including coastal or urban hydrology settings, green infrastructure, stormwater management, or non-point source water management/treatment, and understanding the interface of human, infrastructure, and water resources with a focus on ensuring environmental justice.

Environmental Chemistry and Transport and Fate, including the identification, understanding, and modeling the transformation, fate, capture, and mitigation of legacy and emerging contaminants such as Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Products (PPCPs) and Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in engineered and natural systems.

Faculty within CEE work collaboratively with other UNH units in the areas of water, climate change, environmental genomics, and sustainability including Earth Sciences, Ocean Engineering, Institute for the Study of Earth Oceans and Space, Natural Resources, Hubbard Center for Genomic Studies, Paul College, the UNH SMSOE, The Carsey School, and the NH EPSCoR Program. CEE faculty will serve as mentors for acquiring and managing funding through the NSF, EPA, DOE, NHDOT, NHDES, NHHHS, NOAA, and private foundations. The Postdoctoral Scholar would bring much needed skills relevant to current funding opportunities and find a rich research environment for her/his/their success by joining in these collaborations.

The University of New Hampshire actively promotes a dynamic learning environment in which qualified individuals of differing perspectives, life experiences, and cultural backgrounds pursue academic goals with mutual respect and shared inquiry. We encourage applications from underrepresented groups.

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