Techno-Economic Assessment and Simulation of Subsurface Heat Storage

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TU Delft, Netherlands
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In the EU project PUSH-IT we will develop a unified framework for the combined or individual techno-economic assessment of heat storage and geothermal heat sources. One of the challenges for such an approach is the combination of subsurface (geological) heterogeneity and uncertainty with the performance of various technical components of the heating systems in varying climatic conditions.

To address this complexity, a team of geological and technology experts will work together to build a framework on open-source code (Python) that is high performant and scalable to comprehensively quantify uncertainties using probability theory.

This is where you will contribute: in the development and application of a generic, open-source, high-performance and highly scalable framework to assess the Levelized Cost of Energy/Heat - LCOE reduction and carbon emission reduction costs (CRC) of heat storage in geothermal reservoirs in combination with different heat supply sources.

The framework we develop will further be able to seamlessly analyze the techno-economic performance of heat storage systems at any time interval required to capture the system dynamics as dictated by demand-side management. Finally, a simplified user interface will be developed to make the interaction with the underlying code more user friendly and accessible. Input from consortium industry partners on component, operational and other costs will be used to validate the techno-economic models. A strong collaboration with consortium members in industry and academia is key.

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