Sustainable Resource Recovery and Biological Wastewater Treatment Innovations (PhD Scholarship)

Job Type
Job Institution
Queensland University of Technology
Job Description

Application dates
Applications close
30 September 2023

What you'll receive
There are two scholarships available. The successful recipients will receive:
a stipend scholarship of $30,000 per annum for a maximum duration of 3.5 years while undertaking a QUT PhD. The duration includes an extension of up to 6 months if approved for your candidature. This is the full-time, tax-free rate which will index annually if you're an international student, you will also receive a tuition fee sponsorship for your research degree.
As the scholarship recipient, you will have the opportunity to work with a team of leading researchers, to undertake your own innovative research in and across the field.

You need to meet the entry requirements for a QUT Doctor of Philosophy, including any English language requirements.
Enrol as a full-time, internal student by 1 January 2024.
have a master's degree or honours degree in Environmental Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology, or a related field, and with strong interest in sustainable wastewater treatment and a background in relevant areas. Preference will be given to those with demonstrated research experience, knowledge of bioreactor operation, microbial kinetics, and wastewater treatment processes, or familiarity with microbial ecology and its application to engineering design.
How to apply
Apply for this scholarship at the same time you apply for admission to a QUT Doctor of Philosophy.

The first step is to email detailing your academic and research background, your motivation to research in this field and interest in this scholarship, and include your CV.

What happens next?
If supported to apply, you will then submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) following the advice at How to apply for a research degree.

In your EOI, nominate Dr. Yang Liu as your proposed principal supervisor, and copy the link to this scholarship wesbite into question 2 of the financial details section.

About the scholarship
Climate change, urbanization, population growth, and economic uncertainty are putting significant pressure on our water supply systems and resources. Aging and deteriorating water infrastructure, originally built over a century ago, now require effective management under economical constraints to ensure long-term performance. In the Australian context of water scarcity, the potential lies in considering all types of water (fit-for-purpose) to meet the increasing demand.

This PhD research opportunity focuses on developing sustainable wastewater treatment strategies with a strong emphasis on bioreactor operation, microbial kinetics, and the integration of microbiome ecology into the design of engineered systems. The research aims to achieve energy-efficient and resource recovery-based wastewater treatment processes.

The successful candidate will have the opportunity to work closely with industry partners and contribute to the development of innovative solutions for sustainable wastewater treatment within the circular economy. The position also offers the chance to play a key role in new state-of-the-art laboratory at QUT that will also foster knowledge exchange and professional networking.

Join our research team and make a significant impact on the future of wastewater treatment, ensuring efficient and resource-conscious management for urban water systems.