PhD Position in Advanced Water Purification and Water Reuse – Industry & Commercialization Emphasis (Spring 2024)

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Texas State University, San Marcos
Job Description

A fully funded doctoral position is available in the Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization (MSEC) program ( at the Texas State University under the supervision of Dr. Keisuke Ikehata ( to perform research in the field of advanced water purification and water reuse. Please note this specific position must start in January 2024 (i.e., Spring 2024 admission) and applications are restricted to domestic students or visa holders already in the United States.

The ideal candidate should have very strong knowledge and experience in physical and chemical unit processes (e.g., ozone, advanced oxidation processes, membrane filtration, and membrane desalination), as well as analytical chemistry. An MS degree in Environmental Engineering and Science, Chemical Engineering, Applied Chemistry, Biotechnology, or a related field is required. Our laboratory is equipped with bench- and pilot-scale advanced water purification systems and works very closely with industrial collaborators, including water utilities, consulting engineers, and technology providers. This position will involve lab/field work and computational analyses. This position is ideal for a student who is interested in his/her career in industry and/or entrepreneurship.

Required Qualifications:
1. BS and MS degrees in environmental engineering or science, chemical engineering, applied chemistry, biotechnology, or related field.
2. Excellent written and oral communication skills with at least one peer-reviewed journal publication as a primary author.
3. Research experience in water and wastewater treatment unit processes and/or water and wastewater analysis
4. Highly self-motivated

Preferred Research/Work Experience:
1. Ozonation and advanced oxidation process, membrane processes
2. Treatment system design and operation
3. Computational fluid dynamics

Interested candidates (domestic students and visa holders already in the US only) are encouraged to apply here ( by October 15, 2023 and clearly indicate that you will be able to start in January 2024 (i.e., Spring 2024). For more information, please contact Dr. Ikehata at International applicants who are currently out of the United States may apply for regular Fall 2024 admission.