Environment Sustainability and emerging pollutants

Job Type
Job Rank
PhD Student
Job Institution
Saint Louis University
Job Description

Sustainable Engineering Lab (SEL) at Saint Louis University is seeking a motivated PhD Student to work on emerging topics in the field of environmental engineering such as climate change, stormwater treatment, emerging pollutants (microplastics, antibiotic resistance genes, PFAS), and resource recovery. Students will work in a collaborative environment with researchers in the Civil Engineering, Environmental Science, Biology and Chemistry Department along with the WATER Institute at Saint Louis University.

Research Areas
Investigate climate change impacts on water resources and stormwater management.
Study the behavior of emerging pollutants in environmental systems.
Develop advanced stormwater treatment methods resilient to climate change
Work on resource recovery from solid and liquid wastes.
Other interdisciplinary research

Bachelor's or Master's degree in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology or any related field.
Passion for innovative research especially on microbiology, fate and transport of pollutants or sustainability
Excellent communication and teamwork.
Prior research experience is a plus.

Competitive stipend and research funding.
Access to advanced facilities.
Professional development opportunities.
Support for conference participation.
Collaborative research environment.

How to Apply:
Check out our website (https://sites.google.com/slu.edu/sustainable-engineering-lab/home) and the WATER Institute ((https://www.slu.edu/research/research-institute/big-ideas/water/index.p…) to learn more about the research we do. Send an email to annesh.borthakur@slu.edu along with your CV. In the body of the email, write about the projects that pique your interest and any exciting ideas you have on the projects.

Join us in groundbreaking environmental engineering research to address pressing global challenges