​Hydrology of Intermittent Streams

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
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Graduate Research Assistant
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University of Alabama/Idaho State/University of Kansas
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The Aquatic Intermittency effects on Microbiomes in Streams (AIMS) team is seeking three graduate students to begin Fall 2021 studying the hydrology and hydrogeology of intermittent streams in the Southeastern Forest, Mountain West, and Great Plains ecosystems. The students will generate new understanding of intermittent stream hydrology across the US, and also provide a hydrological basis for understanding biogeochemical and microbial processes. Therefore, an interest in collaborative, interdisciplinary research is essential for all positions. 

University of Alabama
Focus: Hydrologic storage and connectivity of headwater streams
Supervisor: Nate Jones (cnjones7@ua.edu)
More info and to apply: ecohydrology.ua.edu

Idaho State University
Focus: Nested spatiotemporal drying patterns and their drivers
Supervisor: Sarah Godsey (godsey@isu.edu)
More info and to apply: https://www.isu.edu/geosciences/graduate/ph.d.-geosciences/

University of Kansas/Kansas Geological Survey
Focus: Groundwater-surface water interactions
Supervisor: Sam Zipper (samzipper@ku.edu)
More info and to apply: https://www.samzipper.com/join/ 

These three students will work closely with each other and also with 8 other project graduate students who will be studying biogeochemistry and microbial ecology (full list of AIMS graduate positions here). All students will take a cross-institutional Team Science and Collaboration course in their first year, receive support for data science instructor training through The Carpentries Foundation, have opportunities to mentor undergraduate research projects, and will work with an amazing team of scientists.