Postdoctoral Position in LCA and MFA for Sustainable Computing

Job Type
Job Rank
Postdoctoral Scholar
Job Institution
Yale University
Job Description

The Yao lab at Yale University has a Postdoctoral position available for sustainable computing. The Yao Lab develops systems analysis tools to understand the carbon, environmental, and economic implications of emerging technologies throughout their life cycle. This position is part of a multi-institutional research initiative to create foundations for sustainable computing. The project focuses on minimizing the environmental impact of computing by advancing carbon accounting methods, developing tools to reduce computing's carbon footprint, and integrating principles of industrial ecology into computing infrastructure.

• Conduct life cycle assessments of computing hardware and systems to identify key areas for reducing embodied and operational carbon.
• Develop methods to quantify and minimize the resource and environmental impact of semiconductors and electronics in computing systems.
• Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams to integrate principles of industrial ecology into the design and management of computing systems.
• Develop standardized protocols for carbon accounting and reporting for computing systems.
• Participate in the development of innovative tools and strategies aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of information and communication technology.
• Engage with academic and industry collaborators for sustainable computing practices.
• Contribute to the organization of workshops and educational programs to train future leaders in sustainable computing.

Required Education and Experience:
• Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, Industrial Ecology, Environmental Engineering, or a related engineering field.
• Strong background in life cycle assessment methodologies and tools, demonstrated by peer-reviewed publications related to electronics and computing systems
• Experience with sustainability assessments and environmental impact analysis.
• Knowledge of industrial ecology principles and circular economy practices.
• Demonstrated ability to conduct interdisciplinary research and collaborate with diverse teams.

Skills Needed:
• Proficiency in LCA software and tools.
• Expertise in material flow analysis and other industrial ecology methods.
• Coding skills, including proficiency in R, Python, or similar languages.
• Strong written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Salaries: USD 68000/year + health and other benefits worth ~USD21000.
Interested candidates should email a cover letter and their CV, along with a list of at least three references, to Dr. Yuan Yao, Lab website: