Analytical chemist with background in water quality/water treatment

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Old Dominion University
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A full-time postdoctoral position is available with the Potomac Aquifer Recharge Monitoring Laboratory (PARML) and the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Old Dominion University. The focus of the person in this position will be water quality and specifically, 1) understanding and characterizing the transport and fate of various constituents undergoing advanced water treatment prior to recharge to the regional aquifer and, 2) monitoring the geochemical response of the receiving aquifer to the introduction of recharge water and the transport and fate of organic and inorganic constituents in the aquifer.

PARML is a Commonwealth of Virginia-funded facility located in Hampton, Virginia and is cooperatively operated by Virginia Tech and Old Dominion University. The person in this position will assist in overseeing the monitoring program and be involved in contributing to the development and execution of research, an equally important mandate in the legislation that created PARML. Research skills and experience must include experimental design, method development, analysis of trace organic compounds by GC, GC-MS, and/or related procedures, familiarity with QA/QC procedures, and a minimum of two-years-experience with analytical measurements and regular instrument operation. The person in this position will also assist with data management, scholarly publications and reports, and contributing to the development of research plans to further understand the influence of recharge water on an aquifer’s hydrogeochemical response.

The ideal candidate for this position will have a Ph.D. or equivalent doctoral degree in chemistry, environmental engineering, chemical engineering, or a related discipline, analytical experience as noted above, and a background in natural organic matter characterization and/or physicochemical treatment processes.

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