Environmental Geochemist, Environmental Engineer

Job Type
Job Rank
Postdoctoral Researcher
Job Institution
University of California Davis
Job Description

The University of California, Davis Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, in collaboration with the United States Department of Agriculture, is seeking two qualified post-doctoral candidates for immediate openings to study contaminant fate and transport during Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR). The positions (one focused on field and experimental activities and another on modeling work) will focus on reactive transport behavior to better understand the controls of recharge operations on late-time elution of colloidal suspensions, as well as on the adsorption/desorption of oxyanions of concern (e.g., uranium, arsenic, chromium) in response to fluctuations in redox conditions during MAR. The research includes laboratory experimental design and implementation to capture dissolved and colloid-associated oxyanions, metal oxide biogeochemistry and oxyanion speciation within aquifer materials, process-based model development, and analysis on the scalability of the model to field-scale MAR operations in compliance with California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Competitive applicants will have a background in environmental geochemistry, reactive transport and/or subsurface flow with expertise in some or all of the following: (i) chemical analysis of groundwater and chemical speciation of aquifer sediments and colloid-associated oxyanions, including IC, ICP-MS and synchrotron-based analyses, (ii) colloid characterization and laboratory transport experimentation, including surface charge, quartz crystal microbalance and flow cytometry, (iii) reactive transport modeling. Complimentary information will be available from field studies to inform the research efforts. Modeling will be performed at all scales, while experiments will be conducted at the pore and column scale. Both positions require motivation to work in collaboration with their counterpart, excellent communication skills, and interest in working with a multidisciplinary and integrated team that spans academia and government. The successful applicants will be expected to publish results in peer-reviewed journals, present their work at national and international conferences, help supervise students, and assist in managing laboratory activities.

Specific requirements include (a) Ph.D. in a STEM field, with a preference for Environmental Science and Engineering, Geochemistry, Hydrology or Computational Physics; (b) environmental chemistry, (c) experience in subsurface flow and transport experimentation and/or modeling; (d) experience with code development; and (e) publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Please forward this opportunity to anyone you think would be interested or know those who would be interested in the position.

Please contact us directly at pena@ucdavis.edu (experimental position) vermorales@ucdavis.edu (modeling position), and scott.bradford@usda.gov with additional questions about the position.