Water-Energy-Food nexus modeling

Friday, July 22, 2022
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MS or PhD students
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Iowa State University
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The Liu Group at the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering (CCEE), Iowa State University (ISU) is providing 1 Graduate Assistantships in the broad area of Water-Energy-Food nexus modeling, starting in Spring 2023.

Satisfying the demand for water, energy, and food under changing environment and socioeconomics is a central challenge of the 21st century. The Liu Group seeks to fill important knowledge gaps in water-energy-food-climate nexus and support sustainable resource planning via decision-making tool development and science-policy integration. Focus areas include but are not limited to 1) climate change impacts on water resources and food production and 2) water and agricultural systems interactions and adaptations to climate change. Detailed information about research focus can be found here. A list of publications from the Liu group can be accessed from here.

We are looking for highly motivated students with a strong interest in sustainable environmental-human systems with focus on water resources. Qualified backgrounds for potential graduate students include water resources engineering, civil engineering, environmental engineering, agricultural and biological engineering, geographic science, environmental science or related fields. Experience with programming, hydrologic modeling, systems analysis, geospatial data analysis, socioeconomic methods is preferred. Experience in data processing languages/environments such as R, Python, and MATALB is a plus.

Potential applicants are encouraged to send inquiries/questions to Dr. Lu Liu (luliu@iastate.edu) prior to apply. To apply, using "Graduate Assistantship – the Liu Group" as the subject line. Please include (1) a cover letter briefly describing your research interests (no more than 1 page), (2) a CV and (3) unofficial transcripts. In addition, potential applicants need to fulfill the Departmental admission requirements. Below please find links about ISU’s CCEE department and programs:

  • Graduate Application process – deadlines, application instructions & review process
  • Graduate Application FAQ’s – app deadlines, exam requirements, other questions prospective students ask

You can use the ISU Admissions Preapplicationfor an initial check of your academic credentials at no cost.