Environmental Engineering Science is a monthly, online peer-reviewed journal publishing state-of-the-art studies of innovative solutions to problems in air, water, and land contamination and waste disposal. The Journal features applications of environmental engineering and scientific discoveries, policy issues, environmental economics, and sustainable development including climate change, complex and adaptive systems, contaminant fate and transport, environmental risk assessment and management, green technologies, industrial ecology, environmental policy, and energy and the environment. The journal accepts proposals from the AEESP membership to assemble specialty issues on targeted topics, publishes position papers, and serves as a forum for articles related to environmental engineering and science education. Proposals for specialty issues may be directed to the editor-in-chief, or to the AEESP publications committee. Highlights from AEESP's newsletter are also published in the Journal.

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  • AEESP members - $74/yr. when purchased with membership renewal in November/December.  (Student rates @ $52/yr.).

25% discount on Open Access publication fees:

  • To publish Open Access, self-identify as a member of AEESP during manuscript submission to save 25% on the APC rate.  For additional assistance, please contact Author Benefits Program after your article is accepted.