246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 8-12, 2013.

Thursday, January 10, 2013





Dear Colleagues,


I invite you to join us and share your research results and progress in your research at the 246th ACS National Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, September 8-12, 2013.  Abstract submissions welcomed January 21 – March 18, 2013: Follow the link (http://abstracts.acs.org ) to sign in using your ACS ID and password, or you may create an ID on the abstract submission webpage.  For meeting registration and accommodations, visit www.acs.org/meetings .  Other inquiries should be directed to the symposium organizers or program chair.


Program Chair: Dionysios (Dion) D. Dionysiou, Ph.D., Professor of Environmental Engineering, School of Energy, Environmental, Biological, and Medical Engineering (SEEBME), University of Cincinnati, 705 Engineering Research Center, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0012; Phone (513) 556-0724; Email: dionysios.d.dionysiou@uc.edu


Advances in Understanding the Aquatic Fate of Metals: Nanomaterials and Natural Organic Materials, Organizer: Elizabeth Carraway, Clemson University, ecarraw@clemson.edu


Air Monitoring, Organizer: Jennifer Maclachlan, PID Analyzers, LLC, pidgirl@gmail.com


Biogeochemical Interactions Affecting Bioavailability and Remediation of Hazardous Substances in the Environment, Organizers: Heather Henry, NIEHS Superfund Research Program, henryh@niehs.nih.gov; Mark Maddaloni, US EPA, maddaloni.mark@epa.gov; Jon Chorover, University of Arizona, chorover@cals.arizona.edu


C. Ellen Gonter Award Symposium (Invited abstracts only), Organizer: Todd Anderson, Texas Tech University, todd.anderson@ttu.edu


Chemistry and Application of Green Catalysts for Energy Transformation and Emission Control, Organizers: Virender Sharma, Florida Institute of Technology, vsharma@fit.edu; Ruey-An Doong, National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan), radoong@mx.nthu.edu.tw; Sue-Min Chang, National Chiao Tung University (Taiwan), chang@mail.nctu.edu.tw


Distribution and Fate of Emerging Contaminants in Hydrologic Systems of the Built Environment, Organizers: Allison MacKay, University of Connecticut, mackaya@engr.uconn.edu; Yu-Ping Chin, Ohio State University, yo@geology.ohio-state.edu


Emerging Contaminants Across Mixed Media:  Advances in Basic and Applied Research and Their Extension to Risk Assessment and Remediation, Organizers: James Rice, Brown University, James_Rice@Brown.edu; Jillian Goldfarb, University of New Hampshire, J.Goldfarb@unh.edu.


Environmental Biogeochemistry, Organizers: Woojin Lee, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, woojin_lee@kaist.ac.kr


Environmental Chemistry General Posters, Organizers: Dionysios Dionysiou, University of Cincinnati, dionysios.d.dionysiou@uc.edu


Environmental Electrochemistry: Principals and Applications, Organizers: Chin Huang, University of Delaware, huang@ce.udel.edu; Guo Hua Chen, Hong Kong University of Sciences and Technology, kechengh@ust.hk; Kazuya Nakata, Kanagawa Academy of Science & Technology (Japan), pg-nakata@newkast.or.jp; Jiu Hui Qu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, jhqu@rcees.ac.cn; Shi Chern Yen, National Taiwan University, scyen@ntu.edu.tw


Environmental Fate and Reactivity of Highly Condensed Aromatic Carbon (Cosponsored by GEOC), Organizers: Timothy Filley, Purdue University, filley@purdue.edu; Cliff Johnston, Purdue University, cliffjohnston@purdue.edu; Chad Jafvert, Purdue University, jafvert@ecn.purdue.edu


Environmental Impacts of Electronic Technologies, Products, and Processes: The Search for Sustainable Electronics, Organizers: Endalkachew Sahle-Demessie, US EPA, Sahle-Demessie.Endalkachew@epa.gov; Seung-Jin Lee, US EPA, lee.seung-jin@epa.gov


Environmental Implications and Effects of Unconventional Gas Development, Organizers: Jeanne Vanbriesen, Carnegie Mellon University, jeanne@andrew.cmu.edu; Kelvin Gregory, Carnegie Mellon University, kelvin@cmu.edu


Exploring the Exposome: The Future of Exposure Assessment, Organizers: Larry Olsen, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, LOlsen@cdc.gov; Debra DeBord, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, ded4@cdc.gov


Fate and Toxicology of Emerging Environmental Contaminants, Organizers: Xiaoping Pan, Eastern Carolina University, panx@ecu.edu; Baohong Zhang, Eastern Carolina University, zhangb@ecu.edu;

Sophie Uchimiya, USDA Agricultural Research Services, sophie.uchimiya@ars.usda.gov


Green Chemistry and the Environment (Cosponsored by ACS Green Chemistry Institute), Organizers: Rafael Luque, Universidad de Cordoba Campus de Rabaneles (Spain), q62alsor@uco.es; Sherine Obare, Western Michigan University, sherine.obare@wmich.edu


Heterogeneous Catalysis for Environmental Energy Applications (Cosponsored by CATL), Organizers: Alexander Orlov, SUNY Stony Brook, aorlov@notes.cc.sunysb.edu; Marco Castaldi, City College of New York, mc2352@columbia.edu


Materials-Based Technologies for Water and Energy Sustainability: Research Frontiers and Practical Challenges to Adoption (Cosponsored by AEESP), Organizers: Timothy Strathmann, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, strthmnn@illinois.edu; David Cwiertny, University of California, Riverside, dcwiertny@engr.ucr.edu; Manish Kumar, Penn State University, manish.kumar@psu.edu; Chongzheng Na, University of Notre Dame, cna@nd.edu


Membranes for Water Purification, Organizers: Kimberly Jones, Howard University, kljones@howard.edu; David Jassby, University of California, Riverside, djassby@engr.ucr.edu; Baoxia Mi, University of Maryland, bmi@umd.edu


Metrology and Stability of Nanomaterials in Environmental Matrices, Organizers: Anthony Bednar, US Army Engineer Research & Development Center, anthony.j.bednar@usace.army.mil; James Ranville, Colorado School of Mines, jranvill@mines.edu; Christopher Higgins, Colorado School of Mines, chiggins@mines.edu; Aimee Poda, US Army Engineer Research & Development Center, aimee.r.poda@usace.army.mil


Prediction of Environmental Fate Properties, Organizers: Paul Tratnyek, Oregon Health & Science University, tratnyek@ebs.ogi.edu; Kathrin Fenner, Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology (EAWAG), kathrin.fenner@eawag.ch; Dominic DiToro, University of Delaware, dditoro@udel.edu; Eric Weber, US EPA, weber.eric@epa.gov


Status and Trends of Classical and Emerging Contaminants Across the World, Organizers: Satinder Ahuja, Ahuja Consulting, sutahuja@atmc.net; Kiril Hristovski, Arizona State University - Polytechnic Campus, kiril.hristovski@asu.edu; Nora Savage, US EPA, savage.nora@epa.gov; Bommanna Loganathan, Murray State University, bloganathan@murraystate.edu


Water: Global Problems, Local Solutions (Cosponsored by ACS International Activities Committee), Organizers: Isai Urasa, Hampton University, isai.urasa@hamptonu.edu; Agnes Rimando, USDA Agricultural Research Services, agnes.rimando@ars.usda.gov; Ellene Contis, Eastern Michigan University, econtis@emich.edu; Rolande Hodel, Westchester Community College, rrhodel@aol.com





Air Quality at the Interface: Megacities and Agroecosystems [AGRO] (Cosponsored by SETAC Chemistry Advisory Group and ENVR), Organizers: George Cobb, Baylor University, george_cobb@baylor.edu; Sasha Madronich, National Center for Atmospheric Research, sasha@ucar.edu; Peter Green, University of California, Davis, pggreen@ucdavis.edu; Laura McConnell, USDA-ARS, laura.mcconnell@ars.usda.gov; Elin Ulrich, US EPA, ulrich.elin@epa.gov