ACS Symposium for Students and Postdocs: Nano-Enabled Water Treatment Technologies - Applications and Implications

Monday, February 13, 2017

The students of the NSF Engineering Research Center on Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment invite students and postdocs from all universities to submit an abstract to our ACS Fall 2017 symposium titled "Nano-Enabled Water Treatment Technologies: Applications and Implications"

The symposium focuses on environmental applications and implications of nanomaterials when they are used in nano-enabled water treatment systems, including nanomaterials for contaminant adsorption, mangetic nanomaterials, photocatalytic and solar-enabled nanomaterials, incorporation of nanomaterials into membranes, prevention of biofouling, safety and sustainability of nanomaterials and their environmental implications when used in water treatment.

For more information, contact Anjali Mulchandani or Natalia von Reitzenstein