AEESP Newsletter - February 2024

February 22, 2024

Dear Colleagues,


The February 2024 AEESP Newsletter is now available!


Highlights from this edition include:

  • President's Letter

  • AEESP Foundation Board Welcomes Two New Members

  • AEESP Foundation appreciates the generosity of all who donated in 2023

  • Bridging Gaps in PFAS Removal from Water: Dr. Xiao's Lecture at the AWWA-WQTC

  • AEESP Distinguished Lecturer Dr. Elizabeth Edwards Visits 17 Schools in 2023-2024 Lecture Series

  • AEESP Foundation Seeks Applications for Educational Grants

    • Microbiome of the Built Environment

    • Connecting Our Future Scientists and Engineers to Environmentally Friendly Water Treatment Technology in the Post-COVID Era: A Better World Starts with Your Bioreactor

  • Spotlight: Environmental Engineering Science, AEESP Journal

  • A Legacy to Continue Environmental Education

  • Engineering Conferences International (ECI) Conference: Micro-Nano Plastics in Water: Characterization, Cure and Prevention, Switzerland 2025

  • New Faculty Appointments

  • Environmental Engineers Solve Problems of Planetary Health

  • and more...


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