AEESP Profs get innovative with resources to share!

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dear AEESP Membership,

We hope you are all weathering this monumental shift in our daily lives with caution, reflection and some creativity.  Our members are adjusting to research laboratories being closed, moving our teaching on-line and the seemingly endless Zoom meetings with colleagues, family and friends.  We are also showing our leadership and ingenuity in a number of ways I wanted to share with you and provide access to resources that you may find very helpful in your teaching, research and advocacy.

Here are a few ways environmental engineering professors have been supporting innovative education, outreach, and research in the face of our national emergency around coronavirus that I have picked up from the AEESP listserv, twitter and other communication:

  1. Colleen Naughton, UC Merced, (@naughtoncc) reported the posting of videos, questions, and commentary on twitter using #AEESPTeach hash tag.  She has developed a google sheet with links to videos, YouTube channels, and twitter handles of resources.  AEESP will post videos on the AEESP YouTube playlist as we get more:  We have also posted the online treatment plant tour on the AEESP website and will post more videos there as we collect them.
  2. Peter Vikesland, Va Tech (@petervikesland) prepared a set of slides covering the Covid-19 pandemic for his Intro to Env. Eng. and Fundamentals of Public Health Engineering Classes. They are available here: and here  and here
  3. Lindsay Marr, Va Tech (@linseymarr) prepared some narrated slides on "Transmission of Viruses in Droplets and Aerosols" and the slides themselves in these links: (pptx) (pdf)
  4. AEESP Members Krista Wigginton, U Mich (@waterwiggi) and Ali Boehm, Stanford, coordinated an excellent (free to read) Special issue of ES&T titled “Overview of Research on the Fate and Behavior of Enveloped Viruses in the Environment” including information on Coronavirus survival and behavior in the environment with papers from a number of our members
  5. The Government Affairs Committee of AEESP led by CMU professors Kelvin Gregory and Greg Lowry informed us of the EPA announcement that they are temporarily suspending the enforcement of environmental legal obligations during this coronavirus pandemic. AEESP members can submit comments on this change and are encouraged to reach out to state and federal representatives and guide them with your scholarly and credentialed expertise:

These resources and more will be posted from a link on the AEESP homepage ( and are free for your use in your professional activities.  Please send any other resources you have developed or think that our membership should be made aware of in these times to

I wish you all continued communication and productivity but also the opportunity to more deeply reflect on our work, renew our personal interests, connect with colleagues and friends and support the efforts toward continued protection of public health and the environment.  It is nice to be able to give Our Earth a bit of a breather and use this time to re-tool society toward a more sustainable future.  Keep on Truckin’.


Karl Linden
President, AEESP