February 2022 Newsletter

Friday, February 25, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

The February 2022 AEESP Newsletter is now available.

Highlights from this edition include:

  • President's Letter
  • Spotlight: Environmental Engineering Science, AEESP Journal
  • New Faculty Appointments
  • Final Project Reports (AEESP Foundation Grants):
    (1) Girl Scouts of Maine visit Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at University of Maine
    (2) Developing educational modules for providing K-12 students with basic principles and engineering concepts behind the design of conventional and new water/wastewater treatment processes.
  • Memorial Tribute to Ross E. McKinney, Sr. (1926-2021)
  • Curbing Climate Change the Natural Way
  • Daily Energy Use and Carbon Emissions
  • Calling professors of HBCUs
  • Special Collection Call for Papers "Recovering Resources from Wastewater"
  • Taking STEPS to Advance Phosphorus Sustainability
  • and more...

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