Journal of Hazardous Materials Special Issue on Wastes with Heavy Metals

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Journal of Hazardous Materials (Impact factor 9.038)

Special Issue on Wastes with Heavy Metals

The journal of Hazardous Materials is calling for submissions of original research and review papers for a special issue. The theme of this special issue is Pollution Control and Resource Recovery for Metals-Bearing Hazardous Wastes (MBHW). This issue aims to report some of the latest information primarily on three major topics: 1. The generation, characteristics, and stability of MBHW; 2. Principles and technologies for resource recovery and management of MBHM; and 3. Principles and technologies for controlling pollution of heavy metals in MBHM. Specifically, this special issue seeks to provide an update on the latest development with respect to novel and innovative approaches for characterizing heavy meals in MBHW, separation and recovery of fine-particulate mixed heavy metals, enhanced dissociation of encapsulated heavy metals, and the sequestration and stabilization of heavy metals in MBHW or at MBHW-impacted sites. In particular, innovative approaches including integrated treatment trains or modules combining pollution control and resource recovery are welcome.

The submission portal will be open from May 1 through August 31, 2021.

Guest editors:

Professor Zhang Lin (Central South University, China;

Professor Dongye Zhao (Auburn University, USA;

Professor Longbin Huang (University of Queensland, Australia;