AEESP Newsletter Ad Rates


Sustaining Members

Sustaining members will receive one free full-page ad, two half-page ads or three third-page ads per year.

Any ads beyond these will be changed at the following rates:

  • additional full-page ads - $1,000
  • additional half-page ads - $500
  • additional third-page ads - $333

Other AEESP Members

  • full-page ads - $500

Non-AEESP Members

  • full-page ads - $1000


There are three options for payment:

  • Click the appropriate "Buy Now" buttons below to pay with a credit card.
  • Contact Brian Schorr at the business office ( or 202-640-6591) and provide payment information.
  • Make out a check payable to "AEESP" and mail it to:
    AEESP Business Office
    P.O. Box 11074
    Alexandria, VA 22312

Sustaining Member Additional

Full Page Ad: $1,000


Sustaining Member

Additional Half-Page Ad: $500


Sustaining Member

Third-Page Ad: $333


AEESP Member

Full-Page Ad: $500


Non-AEESP Member

Full-Page Ad: $1,000