Technology Transition Corporation to Provide Support to AEESP and the AEESP Foundation

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dear AEESP members and distinguished colleagues,


On behalf of my colleagues at Technology Transition Corporation (TTC), I am happy to say that we are now providing administrative support to AEESP and the AEESP Foundation and I am honored to serve as the Executive Administrator.  Many of you received the news from outgoing President Mark Wiesner in Golden, Colorado this past July that the Business Office will be transitioning from its current location in Wesley Chapel, Florida to Washington, DC beginning on October 1st.  Now that October is upon us, the transition process through the end of the year has begun.


Who We Are

Technology Transition Corporation (TTC,, provides advocacy and consulting services to renewable and clean energy industries. Since 1986, we have partnered with companies and built coalitions to advance the development of energy technologies. Our clients include Fortune 100 corporations, start-ups, leading universities, and government agencies.  We have managed and, in many cases, created over a dozen non-profit energy technology and services associations (focused in areas such solar energy, biomass energy, hydrogen and fuel cells, biogas, and biomass for heat and CHP).


With the addition of AEESP and the AEESP Foundation, TTC now provides management and administrative support services to a total of nine non-profit renewable associations and foundations.  We also provide strategic program development for a large energy-related conference held in Houston each year and have provided energy consulting services to government agencies and public utilities throughout our nearly 28 years of operation.  I encourage you to visit our website and learn about all the services we offer for our clients, including management, Conference/Event development, policy, communications, website/graphics development, and technical energy consulting.


I currently serve as Director of Operations and have been employed by TTC since 1999.  In addition to my role in Operations, I have provided management and administrative support services to a number of our non-profit associations we’ve managed over the years, primarily in the areas of hydrogen and fuel cells.  I am a 1999 graduate of Penn State University, holding a B.S. degree in Physical/Environmental Geography from the university’s College of Earth and Mineral Sciences.


New Business Office Contact Information:

Beginning today, we ask all members to update your records with AEESP’s new mailing address and phone number:


Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors / AEESP Foundation

1211 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 650

Washington, DC 20036

Ph: 202-640-6591

Fax: 202-223-5537


The new Business Office is located in downtown Washington, DC, about six blocks north of the White House.  We are within easy walking distance to three Metro stations with with access to Union Station and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.


The office features a large corporate-image conference room that may comfortably accommodate Board and Committee meetings, as well as a second conference room for smaller meetings of up to six individuals.  I encourage members to stop in our office on occasions that bring you to the nation’s capital, as well as for business of AEESP and the Foundation.


During the Transition:

The Business Office has officially transitioned to TTC as of today, October 1st.  That means for most membership-related correspondence, we ask you to contact the Washington, DC office moving forward.  There is one important exception, which is during this final quarter of 2013, the Florida office will complete collections of 2013 dues and other invoices made for this calendar year.  If you have not yet paid your 2013 membership dues or have been otherwise invoiced in 2013 and have yet to pay, please call Joanne Fetzner at 813-973-6969.  For all checks meant to cover 2014 dues and/or services, please mail them to the Washington, DC office effective today.


It is our highest priority to ensure a smooth transition.  But there will be some small, but important changes to note.  In addition to AEESP’s new mailing address and phone number as noted above, we have created two AEESP staff email addresses for communication; one for me and one for my colleague and web/graphics coordinator, Andre Cutair, and they are and respectively.  I appreciate any feedback that you may have during this process.


Some Final Thoughts:

Congratulations members on the 50th anniversary of your organization this year!  2013 is truly a milestone year for this organization.  My colleague Jeff Serfass and I traveled to Colorado last July to attend the AEESP 50th Anniversary Conference and had a chance to meet with many of you.  We were both impressed with the quality of the agenda and the speakers, gratified by this association’s hospitality and very impressed with the Colorado School of Mines as the venue for the conference.  The organizers worked hard to prepare for it and I would like to thank them for their great efforts ahead of and during the event and to everyone for making Jeff and I feel welcome during our stay.


I’d like to thank AEESP’s Board of Directors and Officers, led by President Jennifer Becker, along with President-Elect John Tobiason, and Past President Mark Wiesner.  I know the Board gave their review of our services careful thought and consideration and I am especially grateful for their decision to put their trust in TTC and in me as the next Executive Administrator.  I will do my best to live up to their expectations and yours.


I would also like to thank AEESP Foundation Chair David Dzombak and the Foundation Board and Officers for allowing me the opportunity to serve the AEESP Foundation in this similar capacity.  I enjoyed meeting them in Colorado this summer and participating in their meeting, and look forward to working with the Foundation in the months and years to come.


Lastly, I would like to recognize and thank Joanne Fetzner for her kindness and support and for helping me adjust into this position over the last several months.  As many of you know, Joanne has been an integral member of AEESP’s team for many years and has built an immense legacy with this organization.  As this transition proceeds, I am grateful that she will remain available to help answer any questions that may arise and will do my best to uphold the high standard that Joanne has set.


If I didn’t have the opportunity to meet you this summer in Colorado, I hope to do so in the near future.  I look forward to attending future association meetings and events and am very much looking forward to working with everyone within AEESP and the AEESP Foundation.


Best regards,