WERC Environmental Design Contest for Undergrads

WERC Environmental Design Contest - April 7-10, 2024.

Excellent for Senior Capstone or extracurricular activity for Sophomores - Juniors. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged. Tasks are set up as engineer's RFPs based on real-world parameters. 

Teams select one task and spend 1 to 2 semesters designing & building a working pilot-scale apparatus and develop a business plan for scale-up. Teams are judged in oral, written, and poster events by experienced engineers and learn from other teams who solved the same task. Teams can publish their papers in IEEE Xplore. Sponsoring companies send judges to work with your students at the contest. (See the list of sponsors below.) 

2024 Task List

Task 1: Stormwater Management for Community Resilience

Task 2: Towards Net-Zero—Distributed Energy Resource Management Systems for the Electrical Grid

Task 3: Sodium Sulfate for A Circular Economy – Community-based Solutions

Task 4: Modular Carbon Dioxide Removal for Community Integration

Task 5: Treatment of Water Recovered from Salt Water Disposal Wells for Hydrogen Production

Task 6: Open Task


93% or more students agreed that the contest improved their:

  1. Sense of belonging in engineering

  2. Knowledge acquisition skills for future projects

  3. Engineering and communication skills

  4. Confidence in solving environmental problems

Sponsors who will send judges to the contest: EPA, DOE, Dell Technologies, El Paso Electric Co., Freeport-McMoRan, CDM Smith, ConocoPhillips, LC Utilities, NM Space Grant Consortium (NASA-EPSCoR), NGL Water Solutions, NAVFACS EXWC, Coterra Energy, Souder Miller & Assoc., Wilson & Co. 

Give your students the science/engineering education opportunity of a lifetime. Every science and engineering discipline can get involved in solving environmental challenges!