NSF-AEESP Grand Challenges Workshops - Texas Agenda


Each workshop will be organized around a series of invited talks, follow up Q&A sessions and general discussions.  The agenda below is for the Texas Grand Challenges Workshop at Rice University March 31 - April 1, 2016.  Please click on the speakers' names to view their presentations (*not all speakers presented slides.)  Click here for the USC Workshop Speakers/Discussion Leaders and presentations.  Click here to return to the Agenda for the Workshop at Rice University.


Location: Rice Memorial Center (Grand Hall)
(*See "Parking" for information on the open and closest lots to this portion of the Workshop.)

Day 1 – Thursday, March 31

5:00p   Registration opens

5:30p   Mariachi Band

5:45p   Reception begins

6:30p   Welcome, assignment of evening "homework" assignment (Greg Characklis, UNC), introduction of Dinner Speaker (Pedro Alvarez, Rice)

6:40p   Dinner Reception with Speaker: Dr. Curtis R. Carlson, P.E., BCEE, Founder and CEO, Practice of Innovation (25 min talk, 10 min Q&A moderated by Pedro Alvarez)

7:05p   Dinner served during Q&A

8:00p   Reception ends


Location: Anne and Charles Duncan Hall (McMurtry Auditorium)
(*See "Parking" for information on the open and closest lots to this portion of the Workshop.)

Day 2 – Friday, April 1 (all activities in McMurtry Hall unless otherwise noted)

7:30a   Coffee and continental breakfast - Martel Hall

8:00a   Welcome, workshop background and objectives (Pedro Alvarez, Rice and Greg Characklis, UNC)

8:15a   Session 1: The Big Picture (Moderator: Mike Kavanaugh, Geosyntec) (20 min talk each speaker, 20 min Q&A)
           - Jim Blackburn, J.D., Professor, Rice University
           - Richard Morgenstern, Senior Fellow, Resources for the Future

9:15a   Break and Networking - Martel Hall

9:30a   Session 2: The Money (Moderator: Amy Childress, USC) (20 min talk each speaker, 20 min Q&A)
           - Marilu Hastings, Vice President of Sustainability Programs, Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation
           - Kei Koizumi, Assistant Director for Federal R&D, Office of Science and Technology Policy

10:30a Breakout groups (Rooms near McMurtry Hall; back of badges have group and room numbers)

11:30a Session 3: Water & Energy (Moderator: Lynn Katz, UT-Austin)
           - Ashlynn Stillwell, Assistant Professor, University of Illinois
           - Joe Brown, Assistant Professor, Georgia Tech
           - Meagan Mauter, Assistant Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University

12:30-1:15p     Lunch (Martel Hall)

1:15p   Report back from morning breakout groups

1:30p   Session 4: Air & Climate Change (Moderator: Danny Reible, Texas Tech University)
           - John Nielson-Gammon, Regents Professor and Texas State Climatologist, Texas A&M University
           - Rob Griffin, Professor, Rice University
           - Josh Apte, Assistant Professor, University of Texas at Austin

2:15p   Breakout groups (Rooms near McMurtry Hall)

3:15p   General discussion of how Environmental Engineering and Science moves forward and report back from afternoon breakout groups

3:45p   Day’s recap and discussion of future workshops (Greg Characklis, UNC)

4:00p   Adjourn