Environmental Bioinformatics and process engineering

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Graduate Students
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University of Utah
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Dr. Ramesh Goel’s lab at the University of Utah is looking to fill two fully funded Ph.D. positions starting in January 2023. Students should enroll in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Both students will work on research projects funded by The National Science Foundation under the broader umbrella of microbial resource management, harmful algal blooms, computer informatics, and environmental process engineering. 

The ideal candidates will have backgrounds in environmental engineering, microbiology, and microbial data science. The research has lab and field components. We are looking for highly motivated students; with strong quantitative analysis skills, writing, and verbal communication. Experience with programming and data processing languages such as Python and R are preferred.  

Prospective students are encouraged to send questions/inquiries to Dr. Ramesh Goel (ram.goel@utah.edu) before applying. The candidate should be highly motivated. BS in ENGINEERING IS preferred but not a MUST. MS degree in any related engineering field is encouraged, such as environmental, civil, chemical, or biological systems engineering. Candidates with a solid academic background in BS are strongly encouraged to apply directly to the Ph.D. program. Ph.D. students will be fully supported with a stipend, and tuition, through a research assistantship. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to interact with a diverse group of students in Dr. Goel’s group and across the department. Admitted graduate students are trained academically and professionally with opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship. Dr. Goel has several ongoing projects funded by the USDOD, NSF, USEPA, US Department of Interior, and several local agencies. Dr. Goel maintains high research standards with a track record of publications in Nature Communications, Environmental Science and Technology, Water Research, Scientific Reports, Bioresource Technology, Environmental Pollution, and more. 

Interested applicants are encouraged to send their CV, transcripts, IELTS/TOEFL test score (if applicable), a brief research proposal, and relevant research publications (if any) to Dr. Ramesh Goel (ram.goel@utah.edu) by 15th October 2022. In parallel, students should also apply online using the University of Utah online application portal.

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