Bioengineering and Environmental Engineering

Job Type
Job Rank
PhD Student
Job Institution
San Diego State University and University of California San Diego
Job Description

The Environmental Biotechnology Lab at San Diego State University has an opening for a PhD student, starting Fall 2023. This student will work on elucidating interactions between Bacteria and Archaea in a biocathode to improve our understanding of bioelectrochemical systems for "CO2 recycling" and energy recovery from wastewater. Join the growing Environmental Biotechnology Lab and be on the cutting edge of developing new, sustainable biotechnology solutions.

The Environmental Biotechnology Lab at SDSU is working to develop new biotechnology solutions to advance energy and resource recovery from wastewater. To support the development, scaling, and optimization of these new systems, fundamental scientific discoveries are needed to better engineer effective microbial communities. This research project is funded by the National Science Foundation and will support a student to use emerging genetic engineering tools to elucidate the interactions between microorganisms in a biofilm.

The San Diego State University Environmental Biotechnology Lab has an opening for an incoming Graduate Assistant student position for the Joint Doctoral Program between San Diego State University (SDSU) and University of California San Diego (UCSD), starting Fall 2023. Students will take coursework at UCSD and work as a research assistant in the SDSU Environmental Biotechnology Lab.

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