Environmental Engineering or Material Engineering

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Nagasaki University
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The Water Treatment Laboratory led by A/Prof. Takahiro Fujioka at the Graduate School of Engineering, Nagasaki University, Japan (https://www.waterenviron.com) is seeking up to three applicants for MEXT scholarships designated for the Water Treatment Laboratory in the Water and Environment Science Program (Master Program) starting in October 2023. It is the best scholarship in Japan; the scholarship covers all expenditures including travel, enrolment/tuition fees, and living expenses (approx. $1,150 USD/month) for 2 years.
The Water Treatment Laboratory focuses on the development of membrane-based water treatment technologies and analytical techniques to produce high-quality and reliable recycled water for non-potable and potable water reuse. Further, we have just started the development of novel reverse osmosis membrane fabrication.
Applicants who have 2 years or more of recent development-related work experience, already have a master's degree, or have material science/engineering background will be preferable.
The applicants need to have an evidence of an English grade equal to or more than the B2 equivalent of the European Common Language Reference Frame (e.g., IELTS = 5.5). Interested candidates are requested to contact A/Prof. Takahiro Fujioka (tfujioka@nagasaki-u.ac.jp) with two documents (their CVs and a copy of English certificate) by January 9, 2023.