Bioelectrochemical hydrogen production

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Johns Hopkins University
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We are looking for one POSTDOC available immediately with a strong interest in working on a Dept. of Energy funded project on microbial electrolysis cells.

Potential applicants are encouraged to send inquiries/questions to Dr. Ruggero Rossi (here) prior to applying. Please include (1) a cover letter briefly describing your research interests (1 page), (2) a CV.

Electrochemical processes can play a crucial role in reducing the output of greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate the impact of climate changes. My group seeks to fill important knowledge gaps in the water-energy-food nexus and develop sustainable processes for the production of clean water, fertilizers, and energy. Focus areas include but are not limited to 1) (bio)electrochemical processes for hydrogen and ammonia production and 2) electro-assisted removal of chemicals and decarbonization of impaired water sources. A list of publications from the group can be accessed here.