Environmental Soil Science, Environmental Chemistry, microplastics

Job Type
Job Rank
Master Student
Job Institution
Auburn University
Job Description

We are looking for a motivated MS student to join the Soil Chemistry Lab at Auburn University starting in the summer/fall of 2023. The successful candidate will study the surface transformation processes of microplastics in soils and aquatic sediments in an aquatic ecosystem. The project will include spectroscopy and microscopy analysis analyses of microplastics as well as adsorption and column experiments to investigate the effect of microplastics on emerging organic contaminate transport in the impacted matrices.

BS in soil science, environmental science, or a similar field is preferred. Students with strong communication skills and prior knowledge and experience in molecular spectroscopy and analytical chemistry will be given preference.
Interested applicants should send a cover letter, CV, transcripts, and a statement of their interest in the position and relevant education and experiences to Dr. Yaniv Olshansky (yzo0015@auburn.edu).