Molecular imprinter membranes (MIMs)

Job Type
Job Rank
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Job Institution
Ben Gurion University
Job Description

We are looking for a postdoc researcher to perform research as part of a MOST-BMBF collaborative project. The research includes the fabrication of lbl polyelectrolytes NF membranes for PFAS separation and formation of Molecular imprinter membranes (MIMs).
Required qualifications:
(1) Ph.D. in membranes-related research (chemistry, material, environmental)
(2) Understanding of micropollutants detection (LC-MS-MS)
(3) knowledge in membrane fabrication, lbl polyelectrolytes, and MIMS (preferably).
The position is in Israel as part of Ben Gurion University (Sde Boker campus). Please contact for more details.