Graduate student scholarships in environmental microbiology, bioinformatics, and environmental engineering at Kyung Hee University in Korea

Thursday, September 2, 2021
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Graduate research assistant
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Kyung Hee University
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Graduate student scholarships in environmental engineering, biotechnology, and bioinformatics/system modeling at Kyung Hee University in Korea

The Environmental Engineering Laboratory at Kyung Hee University is looking for highly motivated PhD student candidates, who hold a MS or BS in engineering fields (civil/environmental/biological/chemical), microbiology, or bioinformatics associated with the research project described below.

The PhD (or combined MS-PhD course) students will get involved in an interdisciplinary research project that examines i) microbial diversity and function of natural and engineered environments, ii) fate and abatement of pollutants in environmental biochemical processes (e.g., biodegradation, adsorption, advanced oxidation, etc.), or iii) environmental system modeling.

Candidates are desired to have i) knowledge with environmental systems and engineering (chemical/biological processes), ii) laboratory skills (e.g., molecular microbiological techniques), or iii) programming skills (e.g., writing scripts in Perl/Python and familiarity in scikit-learn, R, Matlab) for system modeling.

Good communication (written and oral) skills in English would be highly desirable. An official English test score (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) is mandatory for graduate program admission in KHU. The graduate student scholarships, inclusive of full tuition fees and monthly stipends will be offered under the guideline of KHU. Applicants are encouraged to contact Prof. Oh by emailing a single PDF file, including resume with an English test certificate with score and contact information of references.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory in the department of Civil Engineering at KHU

Prof. Seungdae Oh


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* Scholarships available for Spring/2022 onwards

* Application period for Spring semester of 2022: Oct/2021

* Application period for Fall semester of 2022: April/2022