Sustainability Analysis for Biomass-Based Materials

Thursday, September 30, 2021
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Research Assistant
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Yale University
Job Description: 

Dr. Yuan Yao's research group at Yale University invites applications for PhD fellowships for fall 2022. The PhD fellowships are fully funded at the Yale School of the Environment. 

We are looking for self-motivated graduate students who are interested in conducting research related to sustainable biomass-based materials. Students will be developing state-of-the-art analysis tools for quantifying the environmental impacts, economic viability, and societal implications of biomass-based materials and emerging technologies. We use transdisciplinary approaches in Industrial Ecology and Sustainable Engineering, such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA), Economic Input-Output Analysis, and process simulations. Students will have opportunities to learn those exciting tools and participate in high-impact projects. Example projects include biochar, wood-derived bioplastics, and biomass-based soft electronics.

The successful applicants should have relevant backgrounds in chemical engineering, environmental engineering, or other engineering fields. Applicants should hold a BS and Master’s degree or a BS with strong research experience. Candidates with high-quality peer-reviewed journal publications are preferred. Good speaking and written English are required. GRE is preferred for all applicants. Previous experience and/or documented knowledge in one or more of the following areas are highly recommended to apply:

  • Life Cycle Assessment and Techno-Economic Analysis
  • Mathematical programming and data analytics (e.g., Matlab, R, Python, GAMS)
  • Process modeling and simulation (e.g., AspenPlus or similar software)

More information is available on the research page of the group ( If you are interested in the position, please contact Dr. Yao ( and provide a CV, transcripts, and a 1-2 page statement of your research interests and past experiences relevant to this position.