Research, Environemntal Electrochemistry

Tuesday, October 5, 2021
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PhD students
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Technion-Israel Institute of Tehnology
Job Description: 

The Environmental Electrochemistry Laboratory (Civil and Environmental Engineering Faculty of the Technion) invites applications to PhD positions.

Preference will be given to candidates who already have an M.Sc. degree in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, or chemistry. Background in electrochemistry, catalysis and previous experience in experimental research are beneficial.

Potential research projects are on (1) e-waste treatment, and (2) destruction of water contaminants. Both projects involve experimental studies and kinetic modeling of three-phase catalytic processes.

1) Recovery of metals from e-wastes using a novel electrocatalytic technology. The students will develop a technology aimed at selective recovery of silver, copper and other metals from spent batteries, printed circuit boards, and end-of-life photovoltaic panels.

1) Separation and hydrogenation of oxyanions (e.g., nitrate, perchlorate) using electrochemical processes. In this project the students are expected to conduct research aimed at developing of catalysts for separation and hydrogenation of perchlorate, nitrate and bromate ions into chloride, gaseous nitrogen, and bromide, respectively.

Scholarship ≈ 2500 USD/month + additional salary for teaching assistance (not always available).

Starting date: asap.

The applicants should send a CV, transcripts and a letter of application to Prof. Youri Gendel